Marco Cochrane

Sculptor, Truth Is Beauty (Bliss Dance Project)

Marco Cochrane was born to American artists in Venice, Italy in 1962 and raised in Northern California in the midst of the political and cultural movement of those times. As a result, Marco learned respect for oneness, balance and the imperative to make the world a better place. In particular, he identified with the female struggle with oppression and saw feminine energy and power as critical to the world’s balance. In his 20s, on a dare, he explored sculpting and discovered both his ability to capture human emotion and energy and the power of art to amplify.

Self-taught, for more than 20 years Marco sculpted in clay and cast in bronze, primarily women who chose their own poses…their own expressions. Then in 2007 he attended the Burning Man Festival and was inspired to take his art and his message in a new direction, he just did not yet know how. In 2009 he returned, and it was then he realized how he could enlarge his sculptures to monumental proportions while maintaining their integrity, thus magnifying their impact.

For The Bliss Project Marco chose three ¾ lifesize sculptures of model Deja Solis. Bliss Dance appeared at the Festival in 2010, Truth is Beauty in 2013 and R-Evolution in 2015. It takes two years, multiple collaborators from different disciplines, dozens of volunteers, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to bring one of these sculptures to fruition. They are true community/ collaborative projects from beginning to end.

Marco believes that the time we have to solve the problems that threaten our existence on this planet is running out, and that the key to finding real lasting solutions is bringing feminine energy into balance with male energy: a global shift, already underway.