Selected Clients

Blue Frontiers

UIX Global is pleased to be working closely with Blue Frontiers, the for-profit spinoff partner of The Seasteading Institute, on prototyping the future of floating island cities in French Polynesia (FP). The French Polynesian government has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Seasteading Institute, greenlighting the first phase of exploratory work towards deployment of prototype floating communities in the South Pacific. UIX Global will lead the newly formed Blue Frontiers in Technology Partnerships, focusing on public-private partnerships and initiatives for local economic development, work force development, and appropriate technology deployment.


Since September of 2016, UIX Global has been working closely with The Seasteading Institute on the realization of seasteading communities— floating cities — which will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for how to live together. Seasteaders bring a startup sensibility to the problem of government monopolies that don’t innovate sufficiently. Obsolete political systems conceived in previous centuries are ill-equipped to unleash the enormous opportunities in twenty-first century innovation. Seasteaders envision a vibrant startup sector for governance, with many small groups testing out innovative ideas as they compete to better serve their residents’ needs.


San Leandro, CA

Economic Development Strategy Consulting, working with the City’s Chief Innoavation Officer (CIO).

San Leandro’s 100 GBps fiber optic network (a result of a private/public partnership with locally based OSI Soft) is the fastest data network in the US. Combined with the City’s outstanding access to regional mass transit, proximity to Silicon Valley, and affordable lease rates, this asset makes San Leandro a prime location for tech investment. UIX Global is working with City officials and local business owners to develop initiatives, projects, and events, that will attract and retain critical human resource talent, while transforming the City into a destination for new technology companies, entrepreneurs, creative culture, and the investment that follows.


The Cleantech Open

In 2015, UIX Global CEO, Greg Delaune, was appointed the Cleantech Open Program Manager for the California Cleantech Commercialization Coalition (4C). 4C is an LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI) led initiative in partnership with the CTO and Prospect Silicon Valley, and one of four regional commercialization programs supported by grants from the Department of Energy’s National Incubation Initiative for Clean Energy (NICE) program. In 2015, its initial year, the 4C program team focused on “Tech in Transit” (TnT) companies, helping six current CTO companies and an additional 4-6 alumni and networked companies to connect with and benefit from the expertise of key transportation and tech industry leader partners (e.g. Continental, Honda, Hyundai, Siemens, AutoDesk, Siemens, Cisco). In 2016, the 4C program will expand into commercialization support for a broader range of technologies, including the built environment, and the clean energy-water nexus.


Boeing China

Innovation and Sustainability District Tour of Central San Francisco for the Boeing China 2012 NDRC Executive Development Program, themed: Innovation; Leadership Through the Stages of Innovation.

UIX Global developed programming for Boeing China whereby officials from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) were introduced to key institutions and managers that are actively driving innovation ecosystem models for new technology and economic development in the Bay Area. As an extension of this program, UIX Global arranged for the NDRC team to tour the headquarters of Silver Springs Networks, who specialize in Smart Grid and smart metering technologies.

Fiat Chrysler

The Future of Urban Mobility Seminar was a off-site executive training conference and facilitated dinner organized by the Consumer Trends and Foresight group at Fiat Chrysler Corporation . Along with academics from MIT and other urban planning professionals, UIX Global delivered a presentation on emerging trends in urban access and the evolution of corporate civic engagement, emphasizing how urban centers are emerging as global laboratories of innovation for new models in mobility, green cities technologies, and evolving workplace models.

City of Berkeley

UIX Global is engaged with our local community providing pro bono services for the City of Berkeley Office of Economic Development and the Downtown Berkeley Association. UIX Global has advised on projects related to the redevelopment of the  Downtown Berkeley US Post Office, the redevelopment of the BART Plaza, large-scale civic art activation, and the organization of the annual SPARK art and culture festival.


Impact HUB

The Innovate Berkeley – East Bay Social & Civic Innovation Dinners; co-sponsored with the City of Berkeley Office of Economic Development, Berkeley Startup Cluster, and Impact HUB Berkeley. These monthly facilitated community discussions brought together leaders in the integrated fields of sustainable economic development to share good food, discuss innovative ideas, network, and facilitate collaboration on future initiatives. Each month the chef was a featured local innovator in sustainable food sourcing, preparation, or business development.


Impact HUB Roma

International Learning Journey; design, logistics planning, and execution of a 30-day immersive training program in the San Francisco Bay / Silicon Valley region for the Puglia Smart Lab and DhitechHigh Technology ClusterLiving Labs program; working in conjunction with Engineering Company.

Impact HUB Roma is an international center of idea exchange and training for Italy’s burgeoning startup revolution. Building on the endemic entrepreneurial culture of Italy, the HUB Roma offers acceleration support services for changemakers collaborating for a better world. The HUB International facilitates activities and creates spaces that inspire, connect, and empower people to realize enterprising ideas for affecting global sustainable impact.