UIX Global is an economic development consulting agency that specializes in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) for Green and Smart Cities. We use Program-Based Planning (PBP) to co-create innovation ecosystems rooted in sustainability and local culture, with an experiential approach. UIX Global’s local community engagement models are values based, activities oriented, and culture driven, recognizing that creativity, cooperation, and civic engagement are the cornerstones of economic vitality. We are informed by Silicon Valley corporate innovation models and the emergent processes for innovation ecosystem development in San Francisco, which is pioneering integrated multi-sector, participatory, economic development engagements.


Our goal at UIX Global is to help every city become the jewel that it has the potential to be. We guide cities through economic development initiatives that maximize local resources*, multiplying critical growth assets through vertical and horizontal public and private partnerships, providing strategic funding, and rapid prototyping processes for the implementation of innovative urban pilot projects and events.

* Human resource, investment capital, infrastructure, image and marketing potential

How we develop Innovation Ecosystems:

1. City and district-based transformation Initiatives and Strategic Plans
2. Urban Tours & Learning Journeys
3. Media-based, multi-sector citizen engagement
4. Innovation events and rapid prototyping workshops

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