Network Partners

UIX Global’s diverse international network knits together top global innovators in Public Private Partnership (P3) development initiatives. Through ongoing collaborations, information exchange, and event partnerships, we bring the power of our network to bare on the local issue at hand, solving critical problems, energizing regional economies and shaping the shaping the landscape of tomorrow’s Smarter and Greener cities.

Blue Frontiers

Blue Frontiers builds sustainable floating islands with unique governing frameworks as sea level rise adaptation solution sets. Founded in 2017 by the Executive Director and Seavangelist of The Seasteading Institute, a Belarusian businessman, a former Polynesian government minister, and a French entrepreneur, Blue Frontiers is a company made up of passionate individuals from Polynesia and Beyond.

Seasteading Institute

At The Seasteading Institute, we believe that experiments are the source of all progress: to find something better, you have to try something new. But right now, there is no open space for experimenting with new societies. That’s why we work to enable seasteading communities — floating cities — which will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for how to live together.

Digital Raign

Digital Raign is an exponential agency focused on the intersection of emerging technologies, social impact, and consciousness. Their strategy to empower the experience is comprise of an integrated portfolio of services, summits, and think tanks; assisting their clients in aligning their business with purpose through strategic direction and implementation.


Meeting of the Minds is dedicated to bringing together a carefully chosen set of key urban sustainability and technology stakeholders and gather them around a common platform in ways that help build lasting alliances. They believe that such a platform is a vital ingredient for smart, sustainable and equitable urban (re)development strategies.o.

The Cleantech Open

Celebrating a decade of impact (est. in 2005), The Cleantech Open (CTO) is a non-profit organization that runs the world’s largest cleantech accelerator program. Their mission is to find, fund, and foster ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges. UIX Global has been supporting The CTO with pro-bono services since the beginning of 2014.

Pyramid Foods

Pyramid Pure Foods specializes in the development of sustainable food production systems; aquaponics and hydroponics; vertical farming; agricultural robotics; aquaculture; insect tech; and blue ag-tech for urban farms, seasteads, startup societies, and off-world colonies.


Los Angeles has launched its cleantech business incubator to accelerate development of cleantech start-ups by offering flexible office space, CEO coaching and mentoring, and access to a growing network of experts and capital. LACI is the business equivalent of baseball’s farm system: it identifies local talent, nurtures it, and helps it get to market, resulting in more jobs and a bigger green economy in Los Angeles.


Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) is the first nonprofit, Silicon Valley-based technology commercialization catalyst for smarter, cleaner cities globally. ProspectSV supports emerging technology companies with access to facilities, platforms, partners, and market connections, including its Demonstration Center, a $12 million, 23,000 sq. ft. facility with industrial and lab space, office and meeting rooms, promotional space and commercialization support staff.

T2 Venture Creation

T2 Venture Creation is an expert team that has helped design innovation projects on every continent except Antarctica. We have developed a body of fresh ideas on innovation ecosystems, drawing from the latest research in biology, psychology, design, sociology, law, business, and economics.

Re:imagine Group

The Re:Imagine Group are civic technologists, human-centered designers, researchers, wave-makers, storytellers and entrepreneurs. They harness new technologies to engage, to delight and to drive innovation in the public and private sector.

Impact HUB

More than just a co-working space, the Impact HUB Bay Area is a community of engaged changemakers collaborating for a better world, as well as an education and training program platform for entrepreneurs and sustainability-minded professionals. The HUB facilitates activities and creates spaces that inspire, connect, and empower people to realize enterprising ideas for affecting global sustainable impact.


The [freespace] movement is an experiment in what is possible when a community shares the gift of physical space. A [freespace] is a gathering place for people to come together, to create, teach, learn, and share the things which they are truly passionate about, and strengthen connections between individuals as well as communities through art, events, and long term projects.

GIS Week

Global Innovation Summit  is the centerpiece of Global Innovation Week in Silicon Valley. The Summit is limited to invitees and accepted applicants.  The Summit gives you powerful insights, practical tools, a global community of fellow practitioners, and the chance to design real-time solutions to real-world challenges. Our consortium of organizations is hosting over 20 events with over 1,000 participants from over 50 countries throughout the Bay Area to provide insights, tools, and connections on growing innovation ecosystems. It’s a celebration of innovation ecosystems everywhere.

Impact HUB Roma

Founded by UIX Global’s Italian Ambassador and Advisor, Dario CarreraImpact HUB Roma is an international center of idea exchange and training for Italy’s burgeoning startup revolution. Building on the endemic entrepreneurial culture of Italy, the HUB Roma offers acceleration support services for changemakers collaborating for a better world. The HUB International facilitates activities and creates spaces that inspire, connect, and empower people to realize enterprising ideas for affecting global sustainable impact.


MLOVE is a global community that shares a passion to drive the future of Mobility, Internet of Things and Smart Cities. MLOVE events bring together CEOs, CMOs, innovators and startup entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The events are designed to maximize the opportunity of sharing life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better. An important part of the events are are creative collisions, provocative insights and some part of an collaborative un-conference. Germany, or at amazing locations in Silicon Valley or Barcelona.

Puglia Smart Lab

Puglia Smart Lab is a federally-funded innovation-based economic development training initiative based in Puglia, Italy. This immersive hands-on project trains local young professionals in advanced Knowledge Intensive Services (KIS). These advanced services are playing a key role in the process of local economic restructuring resulting in positive impacts on increased productivity and innovative cross-sector collaboration of industrial sectors.


ReAllocate connects world class talent to social impact projects that create real world solutions. They connect projects focused on providing social good with innovators, engineers, developers, storytellers, mentors, visionaries, and backers who want to collaborate to create world changing innovations.


Based in Naples, Italy, INN is an international networking and training hub that aims to create a breeding ground for innovation, combining the energy of local communities, social entrepreneurs, and international volunteers. INN hosts and trains its volunteers to teach english and other valuable skills in the local schools and community centers. These cultural exchanges have profound impacts on both the volunteers, as well as the local youth and entrepreneurs, radically transforming their prospects for expanding their educational and economic opportunities.


Engineering is a leader in software and IT services in Italy. They area a complete offer of business integration, application and infrastructure outsourcing, innovative solutions and strategic consultancy. Engineering has a consolidated presence on all vertical markets and operates through its 4 business units – Public Administration & Healthcare, Telco & Utilities, Industry & Services, Finance – supported by cross-business unit centers of competence and by the Research and Innovation Department.

Food Innovation Prog.

The University of Reggio Emilia the Institute for the Future and the Future Food Institute have come together to create the Food Innovation Program, a 10-month master program offered to Italian and international participants interested in developing dynamic careers in the food industry. The Food Innovation Program is a full-time, advanced Master that guarantees a distinguished caliber of professors, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world who are at the forefront of food innovation.

Whole Com Solar

Whole Com is Whole Community of Solar companies that serve the greater Energy Market and Industry.  Whole Com focuses on Commercial Solar Developments & Consulting. Whole Com also serves as a parent company that has subsidiary companies to address other aspects of the markets that we work, in order to better cataylze ease and grace of erecting more Solar Projects, Faster.

EcoPolis Master

The Eco-Polis International Master in environmental and regional policies for sustainability in local development is an itinerant program for advanced multidisciplinary training. Eco-Polis, through the integration of a wide range of specialized fields, is designed to teach the most innovative knowledge and techniques related to the themes of sustainability and local development.

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EcoPolisCS is a consulting startup spinoff from University of Ferrara, Italy, formed by an interdisciplinary team of urban planners, economists, architects, with decades of experience in applied research in city and regional community development. EcoPolisCS promotes local development projects guided by principles and objectives that support social equity, environmental preservation, and sustainable economics. EcoPolisCS has over 5 years of project experience in Italy and internationally; also directing and coordinating the EcoPolis International Master in “Smart City, Urban Creativity, and Collaborative Development.”

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Spazio Grisu

The Spazio Grisu project is a Ferrara, Italy, based accelerator facility designed to support the expansion of early-stage entrepreneurs and creative businesses with high growth potential. Participants pay for tenant space improvements and utility costs in exchange for free workspace, business support, and access to Grisu’s international network of public and private partners.


beMINT is an innovative startup focused on service engineering. It delivers smart solutions at both technological and organizational level for public and private bodies. The business venture comes from a multidisciplinary, creative, dynamic team, and from the results of PugliaSmartLab. PugliaSmartLab is an Apulian Living Lab supervised by technological district Dhitech, which is among beMINT’s partners.

DHITECH S.c.a.r.l.

DHITECH S.c.a.r.l. is an Italian “High Technology Cluster” established in 2005 through a partnership between the Italian Ministry of Education and the Apulia Regional Government. It is a limited liability consortium of public institutions and private companies that operate in the Apulia Region and carry out joint technological researches. Its main mission is to promote innovation within the regional SME system, in the framework of the regional, national and EU policies thanks to joint activities of public research institutions and private companies.

Olidata Smart Cities

Olidata Smart Cities is an innovative smart city solution provider focused on bringing data, connectivity, sustainability & efficiency to the real estate sector, cities infrastructures, and people. They are committed to developing new smart city prototypes that will change the current real estate paradigm. The company integrates cities’ building inventories with energy software, energy hardware, and energy network capabilities to convert the real estate sector into networks of power generation assets across cities.