Core Team & Founders

UIX Global is a group of entrepreneurs, activists and innovators dedicated to building collaborative bridges between the innovation centers of the United States and the rest of the world. We promotes city-scale leadership around global green economies, sustainability, and social innovation. UIX Global is creating opportunities for governments, private corporations, NGOs, and individuals to engage in global dialogue about environmental stewardship, social justice, and poverty reduction.

Greg Delaune, AICP

Chief Executive Officer

Greg specializes in Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) for Green Cities and Smart Cities. He is a Sustainable Economic Development specialist with over 15 years of policy and design experience. Greg helps public and private clients to formulate customized, creativity-based innovation strategies for a brighter urban future.

James Hanusa

Chief Imagination Artist

James' professional background includes business development (sales & alliances) and technology partnerships for software companies and an interactive agency. He has a deep expertise in urban economic development, social web, sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility based on years of participation in events in the Bay Area.

Founder Team

Jenny Sant’Anna

Founder Team

Cynthia Lang

Founder Team

Katelyn Lyster

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Mike Zuckerman

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Olivia Nava

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