David Cohen

COO, ZipPower

David Cohen is internationally renowned for his pioneering work on SmartGrid software platforms. In 2012, David was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media.

David was the founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered “the Grid Edge” and unlocked a multi-billion dollar SmartGrid market. At Infotility, David developed the industries first automated demand response platform which launched Open-ADRTM, the global standard for demand response.

David also pioneered the GridAgents™ platform deployed at Con Edison’s 3G-System-of-the-Future and utilities globally to manage Microgrids. As founder and COO of Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services, he launched GalaxyTM the industry’s first Smart City managed services software platform.

David was an early member of Silicon Energy (NASDAQ: ITRI) where he pioneered the development and market launch of the Distributed Energy Manager™ product which was used in the first Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and the first Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) at utilities globally.

David is also the founder and Chairman of Evolution7 Labs which is developing the PowerStation GatewayTM to enable and integrate solar, EV and other renewable-based MicroGrids. David recently served as Chief Strategy Officer for the Car Charging Group where he assisted in the M&A of the Blink NetworkTM which be-came the largest electric vehicle charging services company in the world. David is founding Member Emeritus of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) which was instrumental in launching the vision for the SmartGrid industry.

David wrote The Electrinet: A Communications Architecture for a Competitive Electric Power Industry.