Maya Zuckerman


Regenerative Entrepreneur, Speaker, Culture Hacker – Goddess of Operations! Current: VP of Product at LifeGuides

I am currently the VP of Product & Operations for a Public-Benefit-Corporation – a tech startup in the health and wellness sector still in stealth mode – more soon!

I am an entrepreneur, ecosystem thinker, cultural hacker and emerging media consultant who seeks to work on groundbreaking tech media projects and companies.
I focus on the intersection of where storytelling meets technology and where the tech world meets transformational culture. I create brand narratives and storyworlds for my clients.

New times call for new sets of skills.
In the past 8 years, I have developed myself as a diverse and tech-savvy creative. This includes the development of a unique set of skills, the know-how, connections and the ability to find the needed connective points for each massive project I am working on. Whether it’s a multiplatform media project in development, conferences, business strategy for startups and purpose-driven projects or a rebrand for a private client—my knowledge of the 360 space of where storytelling meets technology and the complexities of a rich media
ecosystem has enabled me to bridge between the different industry silos.

To all projects, I bring my vast experience and technological understanding of digital technology, narrative, system’s thinking and collaborating with multiple diverse teams.

I’m an entrepreneur because I want to make the world a better place and create the new human story.