Prototyping The Future 2016 Workshops

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To harness the inspiration from the outstanding speaker content delivered on Friday October 28th, we invited our participants to attend one of our Saturday morning workshops (from 9am to 12pm) as a platform to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and get to work on a passion project that can move the needle for Green and Smart City Innovation:

urbanus02Workshop 01: The Future of Cities – Opportunities for Startups

Format: Workshop

Purpose: To gather the startups, investors, distribution partners and policy makers who are working on the future of cities. The goal is to meet each other and share a guided open discussion focused on the challenges that startups face when building solutions that impact cities.

Prompt Questions:

  • Who are the best retail channels to solve city problems with?
  • Which cities have the easiest procurement processes or highest discretionary spends?
  • Which investors are most receptive and helpful?

Facilitator: Stonly Baptiste; Co-Founder and Partner at Urban.Us (a venture fund for startups that make cities better)

digitalraign02Workshop  02: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and Civic Engagement

Format: Facilitate discussion and breakouts;

Purpose: To explore existing and emerging examples and best practices for how AR/VR is being used to raise awareness about urban/community issues and mobilize resources for new forms of civic engagement.

Prompt Questions:

  • How can VR help cities understand and address issues related to homelessness, urban blight, and climate change?
  • How can AR help citizens better understand the past, present, and future potential of their urban environment and community development?
  • What community issues may arise as a result of widespread use of AR/VR?

Facilitators: James Hanusa; UIX Global, Chief Imagination Artist

ccs-logo-1Workshop 03: Reaching 50% carbon reduction and beyond – Strategies for Civic/Community Engagement

Format: Workshop

Purpose: Discussion of deep decarbonization pathways for cities and strategies for Civic/Community engagement.

Prompt Questions:

  • What policies are cities considering for deep decarbonization goals?
  • When and how does Civic/Community engagement help meet these goals?
  • What are some of the key aspects of successful Civic/Community engagement strategies?

Facilitator: Lisa Altieri; Founder, Community Climate Solutions (creating online tools for Civic/Community engagement on climate and sustainability)

seasteading-institute-copyWorkshop 04: Seasteading; Piloting a Floating City in the South Pacific

Format: Facilitate discussion and breakouts;

Purpose: Explore the opportunities and challenges that The Seasteading Institute is facing as part of its pilot deployment proposal for the first floating city in the protected waters of French Polynesia. Participate in group discussions that will inform the developers of seateads in regards to the incubation and acceleration of green and clean technologies for tomorrow’s floating cities;

Prompt Questions:

  • What are the most advanced, practical, and economical clean technologies for employment on floating modules?
  • What are the challenges to integrating the technologies, and how are the challenges overcome?
  • What are the challenges directley correlated to being offgrid and floating?

Facilitators: Randy Hencken; Executive Director, The Seasteading Institute, and Monty Kosma; President, Strategality LLC

PrintWorkshop 05 & Afternoon Tour

Format: Facilitated visit to Illuminate

Topic / Purpose: The non-profit that brought you The Bay Lights by artist Leo Villareal, is now championing Lightrail, a monumental LED art installation by San Francisco artists George Zisiadis and Stefano Corazza. At two-miles long, Lightrail will brilliantly reflect above your head the real-time movement of BART and Muni trains beneath your feet on Market Street. Please join us for the immersive Lightrail demonstration narrated by Illuminate founder Ben Davis, featuring a 70-foot long LED prototype surrounded by projection screens, allowing you to step into the future of Market Street.

 Ben Davis; Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Illuminate the Arts