Mike Zuckerman

Founder Team

Mike has gained tremendous national and international attention for his work as the co-founder of [Freespace], Mike considers himself a “Culture Hacker” continuing to push the boundaries of shared economy models and their impact on the development of innovation ecosystems; energizing sustainable development efforts and supporting grass roots community development.

Mike’s [Freespace] venture now spans the world. Originally it was a month-long experiment to cultivate civic hacks. It was hosted in a 14,000 square foot warehouse at 1131 Mission Street in San Francisco’s Central Market District. Through the gift of a temporary, underutilized physical space, [Freespace] fosters creativity, community and civic innovation. Mike’s other projects include acting as a key team member for Yerdle, helping to launch the first sustainable nightclub in America, prototyping experimental community engagement spaces in Africa and Haiti, and working to green the global entertainment industry.