Municipal Innovation Forum


Become a charter member of the Municipal Innovation Forum (MIF)

Help build a thriving community of civic innovators and Municipal Chief Innovation Officers (and/or their equivalents), sharing your triumphs and challenges while gaining access to valuable support from your fellow MIF members and our international network of experienced professionals.

Municipal governments are the new frontier of innovative ideas. Aligned with our mission of propagating greener, smarter, and more resilient cities, UIX Global seeks to align the resources and initiatives that promote public-private partnerships for innovation and economic development.

The mission of the Municipal Innovation Forum is to identify and share civic innovation best practices through:

  1. The support of Municipal Chief Innovation Officers (and their equivalents)
  2. On-line and in-person meetings and training opportunities
  3. Access to global conferences, convening, and expositions
  4. Innovation professional network development and coordination

Join us November 8-9 in San Diego, California, as we host the first major UN-style gathering of national and international Municipal Chief Innovation Officers at UIX Globals Prototyping the Future 2017 Conference and Exposition. Conference details and registration information will be available soon.

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